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A lot of planning goes into a wedding, and thankfully the special event usually comes off really close to everything you had planned. But, who would have ever planned for a pandemic? As the Corona virus spread throughout countries around the world, wedding plans quickly came to a halt.

In the midst of it all, some found a way to go ahead with getting married even if it looked different than they had hoped and planned. We all hope the spread of this virus stops soon, but no one has a definitive date when that will be. In the meantime, don’t feel like you have to put your big life events on hold. A little modification of what you originally planned is all that is needed.

So, how do you plan a wedding a midst a Corona crisis? First, don’t rush to call everything off in a panic. A little creativity in taking extra steps of precaution to keep you and your guests safe is what you need to pull it off. Here are some additional tips to go ahead with your wedding in the midst of Corona virus.

Keep It Small

Don’t worry, just keep it small. What may have been planned with multitudes of family and friends simply needs to be whittled down a bit. You may have to change how many guests you had planned on inviting or where you will have your ceremony, but that doesn’t mean the marriage vows cannot be exchanged. It just will need to be done in a more intimate manner. Depending on how much you shorten that guest list or whether or not you have food served, you will need to take some safety steps like temperature checks of guests, sanitizing areas, practising social distancing, and making sure those serving the food have on gloves and masks.

Tap Into Technology

When shutdowns started rapidly taking place everywhere, people found ways to keep schools and work going by conducting meetings and classes online. The shift to virtual hit the wedding market as well. This doesn’t mean you simply set up a camera and live stream the event. You can turn it into an entire online sensation by, for instance, recording your ceremony and your dance to later be put together as a montage with the spotlight well edited and presented more like a well-produced show about your wedding. Invite guests through e-invitations that share a special video link that only those invited can participate in, and celebrate the entire multi-day celebration shared virtually.

Postpone To A Later Date

While nobody really knows a date set in stone when this pandemic will end, postponing your big day is not the ideal option especially when there are several other ways to go ahead with it safely. Still, the option to postpone the entire wedding for an unforeseen date in the future is a choice. A compromise to this choice could be that you go ahead with the wedding and plan the celebration that usually goes on for days, at a day you can select later when the danger of spreading the virus is over. When it is safe to gather again, you can pick up with the celebration portion of your wedding. If you prefer, you can even renew your vows for friends and family for the full-blown wedding experience.

Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to cancel your wedding due to the Corona virus crisis. While, it may require being creative and keeping your distance from what would otherwise be a day filled with togetherness, it doesn’t mean you have to forego becoming husband and wife.

Did You Need To Cancel After Already Inviting Guests?

For those who are planners, you may have already set the date and sent out invitations only to discover you can no longer host the event where you had planned or that travel has been restricted. Don’t despair or worry frantically. Just take a few steps to make the necessary changes.

Make a list of all of the people you want to be there for your wedding, including family members, friends, and business acquaintances. Now that you have that list in hand, make another list of those who live in different parts of the country or even internationally who had plans to travel to attend your wedding celebrations. Since contacting everyone to update them on canceled plans is daunting, ask a close family member or friend to help. Inform everyone through an online messaging app or through e-mail, and ask for confirmation that they received your message so you don’t have to worry that they will show up to find the building empty with no bride or groom.

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