Ashish Kumar

Photography is all about capturing the right moments that connect the emotions closely through the senses, and produce great pleasure. It is a humble job where everything is handled with delicacy and precision to get the moment captured the way it should be. It all comes with experience, patience and attention to detail.

Wedding occasion is something that if you miss its fresh charm, then it cannot be created like the first time. You cannot treat these special moments like any other moments. The reason: these magical events never ever return back. These special moments are the treasure trove of a couple’s relationship.

They symbolize their romantic memories. They make you remind of the freshness of your relationship so that you can smile and cherish remembering those sweet memories throughout your life. If you miss those moments and leave them uncaptured, you might be something missing an important collection of happiness of your life.

That’s why this profession is very close to my heart. We create memories that will stay with you throughout. We entrap them in a precise way that can be remembered for the lifetime. For us, the expression of feelings and emotions through photography is a bigger passion than anything else.

Filled with personal anecdotes with awareness of surroundings, such moments are framed and captured with purity and romanticism. Every shot is a special shot for us to deliver exceptional experiences for couples and families. We intend to deliver shots that can really show something valuable of a person’s true nature–though unposed, still a conscious masterpiece.


Madhuram Mittal

My name is Madhuram Mittal, wedding photography is my passion, and I aim to be the best wedding photographer you can get. I combine an alternative, documentary approach with creative flair. I capture those magic moments whereby photographs are transformed into memories.

I’m painstaking, but a pleasure to deal with – or so my clients say! And I do wedding photography and photo shoots of all kinds in New Delhi, all over India, and abroad.

For me , many see photography as an art form, others will argue it’s a skill trade and not art—Personally professional photography is a genre in the arts and if anyone disagrees, then I just ask one simple thing, “Can you create a masterpiece with a wrench?”

“Photography to me is not observed but was feeling. If you cannot feel what you are seeing, you will never get people emotionally when viewing photos you.

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