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Top 10 must capture Moments on your wedding day

Your wedding day is a very special event in your life. It is important that you get as many pictures as possible to hold onto memories of your big day. All of your special moments that have been created on the bride and groom’s very important day will be cherished as you look at them as a keepsake memory later. Following are the top ten moments that you must capture on your wedding day.

Bride’s Preparation

One of the most enjoyable and treasured moments a bride enjoys looking back on are photographs that capture her during the preparation process. These pictures often capture an excited yet playfully shy bride looking forward to being a wife. There is something quite beautiful and intimate about seeing the process of a bride having her make-up done in anticipation of coming face to face with her groom. It’s important that a photographer capture every detail of her dress and moments of her mother, sisters, or friends helping her prepare in looking her best. A bride’s mother or attendant helping her put on her earrings or a bindi on her forehead or a shot taken at an angle that looks through her sheer dupatta is one that will be treasured.

Bride Walking Down Aisle

The moment the bride begins her walk down the aisle to meet her groom is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding day. She is expected to look gorgeous with a beautiful arrival as a bride. Photographers absolutely need to capture this moment most of all. Take shots at the grand entry and watch the glow that surrounds her. Photographers should find out ahead of time to learn if the bride has special plans of her arrival in a chariot or some other way to approach her groom. While the photographer is capturing the bride, they should not forget to capture the groom’s expressions when he sneaks his first glance at his bride approaching.

Couple Close Up

Another must-have photograph of your special day that your professional photographer must capture is to zoom into a really nice close up of the happy couple. The bride and groom’s faces need to be locked inside the frame, front and center. Focusing close ups on the emotions on both the bride and the groom during special parts of the ceremony are important. When the garlands are exchanged, the wedding rings, and when the vows are spoken are all moments that must have a close up of the couple in frame. A picture zoomed into the rings on your hands is also another important shot. Your photographer will also get creative by blurring out the background and zooming in on the couple or their rings and other special components of the special day.

First Dance

After the ceremony and the exchange of vows, one of the most important parts of the celebration to capture in a photo is the couple’s first dance. The way the couple looks at each other, the way they hold hands or she puts her head on his shoulder. All of this tells the chemistry between the couple and should all be captured in pictures.

Wedding Party

In addition to an individual shot of the bride and an individual shot of the groom, and the happy couple, a very important photo to remember is that of the wedding party. You will always have the pictures to remember friends and family who were there for you to witness and support you in your life-changing decision to commit to each other for life. These don’t need to all be seriously posed as a group of people. It’s good to capture some really happy and fun moments as well like the bridesmaids blowing kisses to the bride in a fun-loving way or laughing awaiting who will be the next in line to marry.

Formal Shots

Of course you will want to get plenty of formal shots. Get a portrait of the bride, of the groom, and as a couple. Do unique poses with the groom and his men and the bride and her bridesmaids. Just because it is formal doesn’t mean it has to be stiffly posed and lacking in fun. Have fun with these formal shots.

Cake Photo

Something about the wedding cake holds special value to the wedding. The bride and groom may choose to feed each other the first bite and to have a ceremonial cutting of the cake. The cake is often the centrepiece of the entire celebration after the ceremony. Get at least one really good shot of the cake before it is cut and then one of the couple having fun feeding each other the first piece.

Detail Pieces

There are many elements and pieces of great symbolism that goes into the wedding day. It is important to zoom in and get a close up of each and every significant piece. Get a detailed shot of the head piece. Get a close up of the rings. Be sure to document every intricate detail of embroidery on the bride’s attire.

Family Photos

The marriage is not only between one bride and one groom. The entire family is joining another family. It is important to get some really good photos that show this union and support. Pose everyone together in a traditional way, and get some fun candids if the family is relaxed and willing to do so.

Couple’s Farewell

As the bride and groom prepare to bid farewell to their guests, it is a very emotional moment. The photographer will want to capture this event. The emotion of the bride’s mother’s face must be caught on camera. A father’s emotion of giving his daughter away is another hugely emotional moment that you will want to have caught on camera as well.

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