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It’s your moment to shine!

With all eyes on you for your special day, it’s time to look as stunningly gorgeous as you’ve ever dreamed of looking. Accent your wedding day attire with beautiful jewellery. Sure you could go with traditional silver or gold, but why not express your personal style with a local jewellery bridal shoot Delhi on your very important day.

Decide whether you are having a traditional Hindu wedding or one that is less traditional. Whatever the theme or style and focus of your wedding ceremony will determine the wedding attire you wear as well as the carefully crafted accent pieces of jewellery that goes along with the overall look.

Every bride dreams of how she will look adorned with personally chosen pieces of jewellery to accent her amazingly beautiful wedding day attire. Select something on the trendy side, like floral accessories in jewellery. Jewellery that portrays flowers have become a very important part of Indian weddings.

Get ready to wed

Get ready for your wedding day, and capture every minute of your beautifying preparations at the Mehndi ceremony. Choose jewellery pieces that will make you stand out as unique and beautiful. Floral pieces are very popular. These floral jewellery pieces are made from either fresh or artificial flowers. Many choose specific flowers based on their color or symbolism of a special type of flower, such as roses, carnations, orchids, tuberose, or jasmine. Turn the flowers into earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Flowers Have Meaning

A rose symbolizes love and romance. Carnations speak of admiration, love, affection, pure love, and good luck. Orchids are the most highly coveted ornamental flower that looks so delicate and graceful and speaks of virility. A tuberose is wildly fragrant and symbolizes passion. A jasmine flower represents love, beauty, or sensuality.

Colors Accentuate With A Message

Various colors of each flower could beautifully be chosen to blend in with other ceremonial representations. For instance, a red flower traditionally fits nicely with a bride’s day. Add a pop of lively green to represent life, freshness, harmony, and fertility. A splash of pink adds a delicately pretty touch. Sunny yellow flowers express energy, optimism, and happiness. Add brilliant orange to show off your excited energy and happiness. A subtle hint of peach jewellery accentuates your subtle side. Shades of light blue is also a color making its way into modern wedding day jewellery. And, of course, glittery golden jewellery is always a nice addition to an Indian wedding.

Here are a few ways to turn your favourite flower into jewellery fit for your bridal photo sessions:

A Floral Nath

Create a floral nath, piercing in the nose. If you’re worried about them fading or not lasting throughout the day, choose to use artificial flowers in your nath. The way artificial flowers are made have improved drastically over the years, and some are very difficult to tell them apart from live, fresh flowers.

Make A Kaleera Out Of Flowers

A Punjabi bride’s wedding attire is incomplete without a Kaleera. This silver or gold embellished, umbrella shaped ornament attached to the bride’s Chooda or white and red colored bangles, can be worn with a green saree or sharara splashed with hints of pink. Complement the look with pink floral jewellery.

Adorn With A Floral Neck Piece And Earrings

Don’t forget to choose a floral neck piece and earrings. This ornamental necklace signifies marital status, and is a traditional part of the Indian wedding to show goodwill and love. No traditional Hindu wedding is complete without the Mangalsutra, a necklace that the groom ties around his bride’s neck during the Mangalya Dharanam ceremony to indicate she is married. Some brides choose their neck piece to be a choker designed especially for them.

Combine Gold

Create your own unique combination of gold jewellery. Of course, make sure that whatever you design goes well with the rest of your attire.

Choose Your Style of Haath Phool

Personalize your hand bracelet, Haath Phool, to be designed as floral jewellery to your liking. Keep the most recent trends by using artificial or fresh flowers turned into a stunning piece of jewellery to show off.

Look Your Best

Whatever jewellery you choose for your special bridal photo shoot, make sure it means something to you and looks great with the rest of your attire and make-up. You could also include a hairpiece, anklets, bracelets, or pendants designed out of the flower or color of your choice, Just make sure whatever you choose represents you and your love. Some brides go all out with a lot of jewellery accessories, while others keep it simple and minimize their accented look.

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