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With all of the planning and everything that goes into your wedding day, choosing the best Bridal Lehenga is one that every bride puts a lot of thought and attention of detail into. Once you have chosen the perfect full ankle-length skirt to wear, the next step is setting up a Bridal Lehenga shoot Delhi to capture it all in photos.

Look your best without hiding your feminine curves or breaking tradition. Here are some trending tips to choose and look your best in your bridal Lehenga:

The Blouse Matters

The bottom-line cost of what you pay for your Bridal Lehenga is going to take into consideration how much work needs to be done on it. While detailed and intricate embroidery has been the traditional choice, many modern brides are starting to go with a more simple choice. That’s why the blouse is going to matter. Keep the Lehenga simple while focusing on accenting with subdued yet heavy jewellery accenting a heavily embroidered blouse. Try on several different styles and options, but always keep your eye on the blouse.

Save Money On Fabric

Save money and customize your look by choosing a less expensive fabric. Select silks, brocade, bandhej, or velvet that are vibrant in color instead of heavily embroidered options that add to the overall cost. These less expensive fabrics still look stunningly beautiful, so no one needs to know you skimped on money.

Paint Your Picture

Choose the right colors to add to the stunning look. Have fun and try out many different hues of colors. Choose a deep, bright red, or go with variations in burgundy, or fushia pink. See how emerald or lively greens look on you, or check out a light blue color. All of these colors look fantastic on fabrics of silk or net. Combining several colors can even trick the eye into assuming it has been intricately embroidered.


A lighter, simpler dupatta can drastically drop the overall price of your wedding day attire. Just make sure to spotlight your skirt and blouse. Your shawl-like scarf dupatta doesn’t need to be heavy as you may assume. Go for a minimally embroidered lighter option to complement your heavy Lehenga. If you prefer to carry your dupatta, then a lot of sequin work or buttis is a great option to look gorgeous.


Don’t overlook how important your Lehenga borders will be to bring out the beauty of your overall look. Borders come in all kinds of styles and shapes. If you are thinking of disregarding borders, take a look at your Lehenga with and without borders. You’ll quickly see how important they are. Keep in mind that they can be pricey, but they don’t need to break the bank. Even a simple, understated border adds volumes to the beauty of your look.

Forgo Big Label Brands

Touting what brand you’re wearing is often looked at as a status symbol, but when it comes to your special day’s attire, it’s best to not worry about the brand on the label. If all you are concerned with is the brand name, you could easily blow your entire budget right here. Instead of going only for the importance of a specific label brand, choose designs that took inspiration from your favourite big name designers, and create your own.


With your head in a whirlwind planning your big day, many brides don’t even consider the idea that a Lehenga can be rented. That’s right! You can rent a wedding Lehenga. This will save you a great deal of money and free your wedding day budget up for other things.

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