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As your professional and trusted wedding photographers in Delhi, The Wedding Hues wants to help you find the perfect location for your pre-wedding day shoot in the Chandigarh area. We offer wedding photography services and candid wedding photography.

A pre-wedding shoot is a time to unfold your bouquet of emotions petal by petal. To capture the very essence of your pre-wedding shoot and accentuate your beauty to show you in the best possible backdrop, you will want to choose a location that adds to the look you will capture in pictures.

The stunningly jaw-dropping location of Chandigarh is a place filled with natural beauty and lush green landscapes. The city’s planned structures and amazingly gorgeous gardens make it ideal for a pre-wedding day session. The surroundings are clean and safe making it an ideal place to be photographed.

Chandigarh is a fantastic choice for pre-wedding bridal shoots. It is a masterpiece of beautiful backdrops of nature. Following are some of the best spots in or near Chandigarh that make the perfect location for pre-wedding day pictures.

Rose Garden

Recreate a scene out of Bollywood by posing in a pasture scene. Let the natural backdrop surround you in the beauty of nature. The Rose Garden is a botanical garden that is carpeted with flowers and ornamental landscaping throughout the entire garden. It is located in Sector 16 of Chandigarh and is a popular tourist location where visitors find quiet tranquility away from the hustle and bustle and rush of the city. Step into a natural setting as a beautiful backdrop for your pre-wedding day shoot.

Fort Ramgarh

Enjoy your photographic session using the wooden furniture and other basic amenities that this special location hold making it the perfect spot for a pre-wedding shoot. In celebration of the Rajput culture, Fort Ramgarh is a prime choice for this special attention to personal photography. It is located on NH-73, Opposite Sector 28, Panchkula and is a much sought after spot for capturing the most fitting photos for weddings. This location is an ornate heritage hotel packed with Indian heritage and tradition. Experience the underground museum, and explore the treasure of making memories before your wedding day.

Leisure Valley

Relax, and be photographed surrounded by an incredible atmosphere of lush greenery in this botanical garden. Leisure Valley is located in Sector 10, Chandigarh and is a very sought-after location for pre-wedding day photo shoots. The greenery that surrounds you makes for a fantastic place to get candid shots.

Chandigarh Golf Club

With the expanse of lush, green land of a golf course, this Chandigarh Golf Club makes for an excellent location forsnap shots of natural scenery in your backdrop for pre-wedding photo shoots. It is located in Sector 6 and offers a 7,202 yard perfect for photographing the natural beauty of your big day.

Pinjore Garden

This breathtakingly beautiful garden that was build in the 17th century offers not only colourful and natural beauty but also an architectural style of Mughal Gardens. It is located in Panchkula, Chandigarh and is chosen by many couples as the spot to take snapshots of their blossoming love with a backdrop of natural beauty. The entire gardens have been renovated since the Patiala Dynasty and is now a favourite spot for pre-wedding day photos.

Japanese Garden

Walk through a peaceful and soothing atmosphere stopping only to snap another photo at your pre-wedding day shoot in the Japanese Garden. This breathtaking and scenic location is designed with aesthetics of Japan. It is located in Sector 31, Chandigarh and has become a favourite spot for young couples to have their photos taken.

Sukhna Lake

Add the element of water as the perfectly fitting backdrop to your pre-wedding day shoot. Imagine you dressed beautifully with a full Sukhna Lake view behind you. Located in Sector 1, Chandigarh, this lake front scenery is simply gorgeous.

Nangal Wetlands

Travel 100 Km from Chandigarh in Punjab to discover the Nangal Wetlands. It is worth the trip to see some of the most notable sights and turn them into part of your pre-wedding day photos. The River Sutlej is what forms the wetlands and provides a visually pleasing spot for couples.

A couple other wonderful choices for a photo shoot include the Nalagarh Fort Resort and Sylvan Villa, Dharampur. Any of these spots make a great choice for your photographic session that will create memories that will last a lifetime for you to see in pictures.

Choose a location carefully for these important snapshots in time which represent your very special day. Keep in mind some of the attributes of the locations you consider. Consider time of day, lighting, and the color patterns of the scenery.

Ask our photographers in Delhi-NCR about wedding photography packages when you are looking for photography in Delhi and pre-wedding shoot locations in and around the Chandigarh area. Our professionals at The Wedding Hues brings you the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi.

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